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Letter from Peter Nordbye

I hope that you all had a relaxing Thanksgiving.

Since OTD is my tribe, I wanted thank you all for the support you provided me through the current election for CC

Chair and of course, for that other run in 2012.  I know many of you voted for me and some did not, but we are still

family and much needs to be done to continue building our county party in all House District.  Many of you have also

expressed concern that voting for me did not represent voting against Rosie Stephens.  I will assure you all that I will

do my best over the next few months to "patch things up."  It is going to take some time.  I respect what Rosie

accomplished over her two years and I will do everything possible to recognize her efforts.

I want to give you all a brief preview of some of what I am planning in moving forward:

1)  Work to unite the old guard with the new guard

2)  Reorganized the committee structure to open avenues of participation for the new people while maintaining past

gains we have made.

3)  Work to build a more inclusive shared visioning and decision-making process.

4)  Model a leadership style that is inclusive, respectful and empowering.

5)  Continue to build the Neighborhood Leader Program.

6)  Work to build a more fluid organizational and administrative structure.

7)  Seriously seek a new office location.

Right now, I am working to mend some fences, to contact as many PCPs as I can, to put some detail to my

understanding the organization and to gather input from both those who are new to the organization and to those who

have served our organization for years.

Again, thank you for your massive support.

Peter Nordbye

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