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OTD Road Clean Up for Sat. June 24th

A plea for help!  We scheduled our OTD Road Clean Up for Sat. June 24th at 10:00. Now it looks like some of our regulars, including yours truly, Peggy Bromley, Marcia Brown, and Cathy and Roger Fantz, will be out of town.  It was wonderful that at our last clean-up we had so many NEW people helping.  Walt Trandum (our road clean up boss) hopes that trend continues.  Take out your Trump trauma on the trash!  Do let Walt know if you will be there.  His email is:


Please note: if you have not done this before Walt does need to fill out a form for the county for any first timers so contact him and he can your information. You can also call Walt at: 503-668-7618.  If you have not helped before, our OTD stretch is on Orient Drive in Boring. It is flat, easy and we do it in pairs, visiting while we walk. And, obviously, the more people the quicker the process. I am sorry to miss it.

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