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Sept Meeting and Minutes

Oregon Trail Democrats & Friends,

I was so grateful to Linda and Sue and others for their great job running this month’s OTD meeting.  I returned from a trip with a bug and it put me out of commission for a while (better but still a little drippy).  I had already missed the picnic due to my trip and heard it was a big success (and raised some money!).  So, I hated to miss the meeting as well, but did not want to “share” my germs.  So another thank you to everyone who did all the work for the meeting too!

Anyway, we have a wonderful group of dedicated activists and I am just proud to be a part of it.  Click here to read Mary’s always excellent minutes to see what you missed.  And a good reminder of what we are up to.

And, don’t forget to check our OTD website for information and pictures.  That is at:

Thanks again for your continued support,

Susan H. Gates

21891 SE Cottontail Dr.

Sandy, OR 97055

(503) 668-9628

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