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May 12 Road cleanup

Please mark your calendars for our next scheduled OTD Adopt-a-Road Clean-up.  It will be on Sat., May 12 at 10:00 at the home of Marcia and Greg Brown, 13651 SE Orient Dr. in Boring.  Please, if you have not helped before, do let Walt know so he can get the form required by the county filled out.  His email is: 

April 9 – Chamber of Commerce candidates Forum

The Sandy Chamber of Commerce Forum is scheduled for April 9 at 5:30 p.m. and will include candidates from both parties for Senate District 26, House District 52, County Clerks and County Commissioners.  It will be held where OTD meets, in the Sunset Room of the Clackamas Bank, 38935 Proctor Blvd.  I hope you will and support our Democrats.  

March 17 – Anna Williams Kick off event

This Saturday, March 17th you are invited to attend the campaign kick-off event in Sandy for Anna Williams, candidate for HD 52 State Representative.  It will be at the Buddha Kat Winery at 6:00pm. The address is 17020 Ruben Ln, Sandy.  There is also a Facebook link at

March minutes

Oregon Trail Democrats & Friends,

Attached are the minutes from our Feb. meeting from OTD Secretary Sue Hein.  Please check them out and see what is going on and coming up.  They will also be posted on our OTD website:

 Thanks for your support,     

Susan H. Gates

21891 SE Cottontail Dr.

Sandy, OR 97055

(503) 668-9628

OTD Has Voted – Please call and email on National Popular Vote

Oregon Trail Democrats & Friends,

 At tonight’s OTD meeting we heard from OTD member Valerie Wicklund about an important upcoming bill that is being stalled in the Oregon Senate.  This vote would make Oregon another state to adopt the National Popular Vote bill.  The house has passed it but we MUST get the senate to act!  At our meeting tonight OTD voted as a group to endorse this bill and so I urge you to help by making phone calls showing that you support this and you hold those opposing it accountable if it fails. 

 Please this OP ED with information about this movement and make your calls to help move this forward.  Other states have passed this and Oregon needs to join them.


Susan H. Gates

21891 SE Cottontail Dr.

Sandy, OR 97055

(503) 668-9628

Womens march in Sandy pictures

The Womens’s March in Sandy Pictures are available – click here

Picnic Pictures are here !

Click here to view the picnic pictures

Peace Vigil needs Help

Oregon Trail Democrats & Friends,

Below is the wonderful weekly notice from OTD Secretary and Sandy Peace Vigil Leader Mary Anderson.  It occurred to me that as our activists numbers have increased locally many may not realize that the vigil could sure use some new people to stand with us.  Brief history – we started the vigil a little over 10 years ago.  At the time the main reason for our doing it was our strong opposition to this country’s involvement in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars started by President GW Bush.  So, we stood every Friday for 2 hours.  Over the years, as the numbers of us dwindled, it got harder to do that so we cut it down to 1 hour every Friday.  Then, under President Obama, we got out of both countries and “technically” those wars ended, so we changed to the first Friday every month.  Of course, as we all know, peace in this world remains elusive.

Well, last Friday, the 5 of us had a rough time with the awful weather.  And yet, there were not one, but two people who pulled their cars over.  First was a lovely young woman with children in her car and tears in her eyes who gave us hot tea and thanked us for being out there standing for peace for so long, and often in bad weather.  And later a man brought us hot chocolate, also thanked us, and said he hoped it helped deal with the weather a little.  It really hit home that people did appreciate our effort reminding people that wars are still going on, our military is still facing danger, wounded and killed. And that war should NOT be an option unless absolutely necessary.

So, if you would like to help and join us, please let Mary know and she will add you to her email list.  We meet out on Hwy 26 at the light in front of Fred Meyers (across the street), the FIRST Friday every month, 4:00 to 5:00.  We visit each other and hold our signs.  You are very welcome to join us when you can.

Susan H. Gates

21891 SE Cottontail Dr.

Sandy, OR 97055

(503) 668-9628

From Mary…

This is your reminder that our Sandy Peace Vigil continues —  We gather on the FirstFriday of each month and our next vigil will be held Friday afternoon May 5th ,  4 PM until 5 p.m. on the shoulder of HWY 26 at 362nd Ave (in Sandy).

We had 5 beautiful stalwart supporters for peace turn out at our April 7th  vigil– Thank you to Karen Trandum, Tom Riddering, Susan Gates, Susan Drew and Mary Anderson for coming.
We welcome anyone to come and join us on May 5th.  We began this vigil 10 years ago on Feb. 2nd of 2007.

Thanks to those who are just joining in, and thank you all who live in a peaceful manner, to bring about a more peaceful world.

It’s advisable to wear a light colored vest–we need to be visible to motorists. 

Minutes and CCDP committee list

Oregon Trail Democrats & Friends,

I apologize for the delay in getting this information out but I have been out of town.  I heard from several people what a great meeting and turnout it was.  Sorry I missed it.  But, we are very grateful to Roger Fantz for filling in and running the show.

Click here for, as always, excellent minutes from Mary on the meeting.  If you are like me and missed it, they cover what went on so well.  Also Click here for CCDP Committe Proposal 2017  This is a proposed list of the Clackamas County Democratic Party’s Standing Committees.  These show what needs to be done and how you can get involved and help the party work and grow.  Many hands make light work and if ever there was a need to do some “real work” for the Democratic Party locally it is now.  Without your help none of these will done.  If you want to work on a committee let me know and I will pass along that information to our House District Leaders.

My hope is that we spend at least part of our time not just watching the debacle the Republicans are creating in our county but doing the “work” that will make our party stronger and more effective.

Susan H. Gates

21891 SE Cottontail Dr.

Sandy, OR 97055

(503) 668-9628


Letter from Peter Nordbye

I hope that you all had a relaxing Thanksgiving.

Since OTD is my tribe, I wanted thank you all for the support you provided me through the current election for CC

Chair and of course, for that other run in 2012.  I know many of you voted for me and some did not, but we are still

family and much needs to be done to continue building our county party in all House District.  Many of you have also

expressed concern that voting for me did not represent voting against Rosie Stephens.  I will assure you all that I will

do my best over the next few months to "patch things up."  It is going to take some time.  I respect what Rosie

accomplished over her two years and I will do everything possible to recognize her efforts.

I want to give you all a brief preview of some of what I am planning in moving forward:

1)  Work to unite the old guard with the new guard

2)  Reorganized the committee structure to open avenues of participation for the new people while maintaining past

gains we have made.

3)  Work to build a more inclusive shared visioning and decision-making process.

4)  Model a leadership style that is inclusive, respectful and empowering.

5)  Continue to build the Neighborhood Leader Program.

6)  Work to build a more fluid organizational and administrative structure.

7)  Seriously seek a new office location.

Right now, I am working to mend some fences, to contact as many PCPs as I can, to put some detail to my

understanding the organization and to gather input from both those who are new to the organization and to those who

have served our organization for years.

Again, thank you for your massive support.

Peter Nordbye